Fresh thinking for innovative system identification, design & installation

Renewable Energy Solutions Experience

Product Innovation

New Earth Energy is a trusted and respected customer of some of the world’s most prominent Renewable Energy equipment manufacturers.


System Identification & Design

New Earth Energy adopts a strategic and integrated approach to renewable system identification, design and installations.


Energy Efficiency with Creation

All our systems are designed with one very important principle in mind: conserve energy before producing energy.


Solutions Finding

It is essential to note that New Earth Energy’s system evaluation and identification process is a collaborative process with our domestic, commercial or industrial customers.


Installation Capacity

The extensive 12-year experience of New Earth Energy brings with it the practical, hands-on capability that enables world-class system installations.


Competitive Pricing

All our equipment is procured directly from manufacturers, and we do not deal with retailers. Our pricing is therefore fixed at highly competitive rates.


Warranties & Maintenance

These manufacturer relationships have enabled New Earth Energy to supply best-of-breed systems that have quite literally never been implemented in this way before.


System Design & Installation

Renewable Energy Solutions Process
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Renewable Energy Solutions Services


Energy Solutions

Value and Quality through Renewable Energy Solutions

A Strategic, Tactical and Integrated approach to Renewable System Identification, Design and Installation of Renewable Energy Solutions.
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