Photovoltaic solar energy backed by a powerful 25 year warranty.

Built to last and suitable for extreme temperatures, the NEE Solar Panel is ideal for seaside, farm and desert environments with salt mist, ammonia and blowing sand resistance.

Innovative new technology powers better performance and delivers higher system reliability and power output.

  • Reduces cell series resistance
  • Reduces stress between cell interconnectors
  • Improves module conversion efficiency
  • Improves product reliability
  • Higher energy yield
  • Outstanding performance at low irradiance
  • Maximum energy yield at low NOCT
  • Improved energy production through reduced cell series resistance
  • Increased system reliability
  • Long-term system reliability with IP67 junction box
  • Enhanced system reliability in extreme temperature environment with special cell level stress release technology
  • Extra value to customers
  • Positive power tolerance of up to 5 W
  • Stronger 40 mm robust frame to hold snow load up to 5400 Pa and wind load up to 2400 Pa
  • Anti-glare project evaluation
  • Salt mist, ammonia and blowing sand resistance apply to seaside, farm and desert environments

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