• Cycle life of 1 million cycles gives superior life expectancy
  • Rapid charge translates into big savings on solar panels.
  • Depth-of-Discharge of 100% and round trip efficiency of 99.1%
  • Unsurpassed temperature tolerance from -25C to 85C.
  • 10-year manufacturers swap-out warranty
  • 45-year design life



The Sirius Super Capacitor Module practically charges as fast as your Inverter or charger allows – eliminates the need for large battery banks.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module can theoretically, depending on the model, be charged in less than 32 seconds without affecting cycle life. Various models are available with different charge and discharge ratings, ranging from 1C to 135C.

The popular model in the Solar PV and Home use market is the 1.35C Model, which means the unit can be fully Charged or Discharge 1.35 times in an hour. This is faster than any normal application in the Solar PV and home use market will require.

You can charge and discharge the 1.35C model in 44 minutes, which makes this well suited even for sites where your energy storage is recharged by a generator of the grid from time to time.

Faster charging models delivers significant advantages in a wide range of deployments such as in electric vehicles or utility-grade frequency regulation.

An infrastructure of fast-charging stations eliminates the need for large battery banks with extended range.

Fast-charging of Sirius provides utilities with real-time response capability to frequency regulation.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module proprietary algorithm-based balancing, charging and control circuit actively balances and stabilizes the system, delivers deep cycle and long duration discharge and specific energy of 80 Wh/kg. Therefore, in addition to standard fast charge/discharge usage, the Sirius storage system can be deployed at industry voltage, in applications requiring deep cycle discharge including electric vehicles.

  1. With a Depth-of-Discharge (DOD) of 100% and round-trip efficiency of 99.1%, the Sirius battery’s delivered and rated capacity are almost the same, allowing for a significant reduction in the number of batteries required when compared to systems utilizing chemical batteries, thereby lowering capital investment. In other words, you can use the full rated kW capacity without damaging or degradation the unit.
  2. Due to the very low impedance of the SIRIUS, up to 10 units can be placed in parallel before ripple current needs to be considered.

The cycle life of the Sirius storage system is 1 million cycles at 100% DOD with negligible capacity fade and impact of charge/discharge rates. Combined with very low maintenance requirements, Sirius delivers power and energy at an unmatched cost per cycle.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module comes with a manufacturer 10-year swap-out warranty.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module can operate between -25 deg Celsius and +85 deg Celsius.

With a temperature tolerance range that is higher than most chemical batteries, the Sirius Super Capacitor Module can be deployed in extremely harsh environments without cooling or heating, resulting in less oversight and maintenance.

The foremost reasons why chemical batteries do not reach their stated usage cycles are depth of discharge and temperature.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module will never disappoint you on either of these aspects. You can discharge to 0% DOD and you can operate at extreme temperature. 

A Patented, charge retention circuit, controls energy flows and slows down the typical capacitor discharge to a level where self-discharge is no longer of practical concern.

The Sirius Super Capacitor Module only self-discharge 5% after 25 days.

  • Utility-scale storage for frequency regulation
  • Peak shaving
  • Asset deferral
  • Black start
  • Behind-the-meter storage for residential installations
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Microgrid systems for remote locations
  • Telecom towers
  • Container housing
  • Refrigerated containers
  • And many more